Air Condition Care Program

  • Healthy breeze
  • Better Performance
  • Longer Lifetime

Oxygen is a new AC care program provided by Electro in order to ensure healthy, fresh & dust-free air to customers.

Oxygen 157
Indoor Unit Cleaning :

Includes cleaning of Blower, Radiator and Water exit, allowing better air flow and reducing possible disrupts as a result of dust accumulation.

Outdoor Unit Cleaning :

Includes Radiator cleaning, which helps the engine to work smoothly and blow pure and cool air.

Air Filter Cleaning :

Which purifies air from dust to ensure healthy and fresh air.

Fan Cleaning :

Includes Fan & Compressor cleaning, allowing the distribution of pure and dust-free air, high reduction of noise allowing you to enjoy cool breeze with no noise and increase the lifetime of the compressor .

Ultimate usage of AC features :

Includes illustration of all features that you may have the advantage of your AC in case of e.g. humidity, dry weather, warming … etc.

Oxygen 209
Package includes Same features of Oxygen157 in addition to the feature below :
Refill cooling gas (Freon):

Includes cooling gas refill (Freon) and pipes cleaning, to help the AC to achieve the optimum cooling temperature and increase the compressor lifetime .

Oxygen 104
Service for Window AC :

Includes Radiator, Compressor, Cooling fan and Filter cleaning.