Warranty Plus
Warranty plus is a new service offered by Electro. You can now enjoy peace of mind with an extended 5 years warranty with no worries of product malfunctions or original guarantee expiration date. You can even get a temporary or permanent replacement of your defected device! Warranty plus sets a new standard by offering exciting benefits to secure your ultimate convenience:
  • 5 years extended warranty

    Today, you are able to extend your warranty on your purchases from Electro for an extended 5 years period

  • 48 hours or less:

    Just pick up the phone and contact us on our customer care hotline 920008528 and our service team will be right at your doorsteps within 48 hours.

  • 0 SR for 1

    Enjoy a temporary replacement of your device if our maintenance process lasts more than 48 hours from the start of your service request.

  • 1 for 1

    Benefit from a free replacement of your device if the maintenance process takes longer than 30 working days. Getting a new product is guaranteed with the Warranty plus program.

  • 0 Riyal for delivery and re-installation.

    Warranty plus offers you free delivery and re-installation including accessories for the first time; It doesn’t stop here, you can also make requests for additional installation visits when you relocate to a new house with absolutely no charges as well.

And much more ...
  1. 1 - 0 SAR cost for fixing defected devices using original spare parts during the warranty period… No hidden fees or charges.

  2. 2 - 0 km to travel to fix malfunctioningdevices, our service team will pick it up and deliver it

  3. 3 - Adding value to your device should you wish to resell it

  4. 4 - Free replacement in case of recurrent malfunctions, 3 times within 12 months.

  5. 5 - Free device calibration for best performance

  6. 6 - Restore your TV vivid colors by replacing screen burn-in pixels with new ones.

Live forward

With warranty plus program

Go beyond extended warranty expectations